Whois Lookup


WhoIs Lookup Multiple Addresses Software

Query multiple addresses to find owner information. This list can be saved as a text file.

Whois Application  v.

Domain lookup and search tool. Whois Application is a whois lookup and search tool. A windows forms software written in C#.Dynamically looks up the whois server for the top level domain using whois.iana.org.


WHOIS utility  v.1.0

WHOIS utility allows you to find owner of domain name or IP address. It supports HTTPS, SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 proxies. Command line utility that performs whois lookup for domain name or IP address.

MultiLook  v.

MultiLook is a free multi-threaded Whois-client (bulk Whois client) for MS Windows. MultiLook allows Whois lookup for entire list of domain names and has additional useful features.

Alchemy Network Tools  v.1.0

This program is a set of network utilities, including ping, trace, whois, lookup, SNMP,

Whois Tools  v.1.0

Whois Tools is a free WHOIS and DNS lookup application designed to help users to look up the Whois records and DNS information of a website.

SoftCab Whois  v.1.3

See whois information, query DNS records for any domain name, and keep information aboit your own domains in one place.

Magic NetTrace

Magic NetTrace combines ping, WHOIS and traceroute functions into one friendly easy-to-use utility. Using this tool you can identify the source of connectivity problems, track down spammers, troubleshoot e-mail problems etc. Multithreaded architecture

Whoisscriptpro Whoisscrip  v.1.0

Easy Installation Installation is simple and fast. There's only 1 file to edit and set permissions to! Detailed instructions are included and all settings are understandable. Customizable Header & Footer Whois Script can be integrated to look

Who is Extractor  v.2.8

Whois Extractor v2.

ProjectWhois  v.2.0.6

Previously, 'whois' queries for obtaining the domain-related information were made through command-line interfaces.

Expiring Domains Premium Search by Value

This software gives you the ability to find domains that have expired and are about to become available for purchase using Pagerank and other Linkrank and value criteria. It compares better to other similar programs due to its highly custom search

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